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Alarm Starter Combo Up to 1 Mile Range


Need Installation? Certified Installers on Staff JOB DONE RIGHT!!!

Remote Car Starters Will Void My New Car Warranty?

Nothing could be further from the truth! The Magnuson Moss Act forbids a vehicle manufacturer from doing this. We’ve covered this a million times, Ask Your Car Dealer to put it in writing, Chances are they will not, as it Illegal for them to do so.

Are Remote Car Starters Bad For My Car

I have never found any information to support this. In fact, many top mechanics would agree that allowing the car to warm up for several minutes before running can extend the life of your motor.

My Cousin’s Best Friend’s Uncle Can Install a Remote Starter For Me

DON’T DO IT!!!! Today’s vehicles are very sophisticated and integrating a remote car starter to them is a very complicated procedure. We have gone through countless hours of training and have access to world class technical support if we need it. Can “Uncle Louie” make that claim. Probably not. While he might be an excellent mechanic, remote starters are a whole different animal. You wouldn’t bring your car to us for body work, would you? Of course not. You would take it to an expert. When it comes to remote car starters, Audiomotive is the expert.

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2-Way Security and Remote Start System with Responder LC3 SuperCode™ SST Technology

NEW! Clifford Matrix 5704X with 2-Way Responder LC3 SuperCode™ SST Remote.

Featuring One Mile Range with SST, Clifford's third-generation liquid-crystal display remote control is the slimmest display remote available! Key features include:
■One Mile Range with SST
■Priority™ user interface and icon map
■Priority 5-button user interface
■Remote can confirm commands with tones, vibration, text and icon display
■Remote notifies of security intrusions with tones, vibration, text and icon display
■Powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery with mini-USB charging
■Integrated text display
■Tone, vibe and display notifications and confirmations
■Active Temp Check – displays internal cabin temp while remote start engaged
■SilentMode2 – alerts of intrusions without vehicle siren or light activation

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