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4 Gauge Amp


4 Gauge Blue M2 Power Wire - 17 ft
4 Gauge Black M2 Ground Wire - 3 ft
RCATB-17 2 Channel Interconnect - 17 ft
16 Gauge Speaker Wire - 20 Ft
18 Gauge Remote Wire - 17ft
Mini-ANL Fuse Holder with 100A Fuse
Split Loom - 6ft
2 Power Forx
5 Spade Terminals
Wire ties
Firewall Grommet

M2 Max Flow and Max Flex Technology

M2 Max Flex Max Flow power and speaker wires are designed to provide current flow for the best power transfer and efficiency possible for your amplifier. Max Flex power and speaker wire features a high flexibility translucent PVC jacket that is rated to resist oil and gas as well as exposure to temperatures up to 105ÂșC.

You get the best possible performance and protection for your system while making installation easy thanks to the flexible jacket.

6 Stage Water Protection

The Mini ANL Fuse holder features an impressive 6 stage water intrusion protection consisting of gaskets integrated around the wire, end-caps and connection blocks.

You are ensured of perfect reliability and long-term performance for years to come

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